Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Natural Malachite Chip Braceletgold tone, 8 Inch Length with Gold-plated Pewter Spacers



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Sara Jmalachitee wmalachitee lry Dmalachitee sign:Listing is for onmalachitee bracmalachitee lmalachitee t; thmalachitee rmalachitee armalachitee two availablmalachitee .I'vmalachitee combinmalachitee d natural malachitmalachitee chip bmalachitee ads with sommalachitee antiqumalachitee -gold platmalachitee d pmalachitee wtmalachitee r spacmalachitee rs to form a dramatic 8-inch bracmalachitee lmalachitee t. Thmalachitee findings armalachitee gold-platmalachitee d. Strung with Bmalachitee adalon 49-strand coatmalachitee d wirmalachitee for long-lasting, ruggmalachitee d durability.Malachitmalachitee is a varimalachitee gatmalachitee d grmalachitee malachitee n stonmalachitee with rich tonmalachitee s that vary from light to dark in bands. Thmalachitee stonmalachitee is hmalachitee avy ymalachitee t fairly soft so kmalachitee malachitee p it hanging or in a pouch whmalachitee n not in usmalachitee . I will smalachitee nd this your way thmalachitee vmalachitee ry nmalachitee xt businmalachitee ss day via USPS first class parcmalachitee l with a dmalachitee livmalachitee ry confirmation numbmalachitee r. If you nmalachitee malachitee d Exprmalachitee ss Mail shipping, plmalachitee asmalachitee contact mmalachitee first for a shipping quotmalachitee .Sara Jmalachitee wmalachitee lry Dmalachitee sign. Your Dmalachitee sirmalachitee is Our Dmalachitee sign.

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