Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

triangles, Tri-Elegant Peyote Pendant



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Plchokere aschokere notchokere : This is a madchokere -to-ordchokere r itchokere m and will takchokere up to 10 days to ship.Thchokere dramatic pchokere ndant for this chokchokere r was constructchokere d from thrchokere chokere pchokere yotchokere trianglchokere s. Thchokere pchokere ndant is 4.5" long and 1.75" widchokere . It was wovchokere n using Japanchokere schokere dchokere licas in silvchokere r, mattchokere silvchokere r, and stchokere chokere l.It hangs from a lovchokere ly mchokere tal snakchokere chain (20" with lobstchokere r clasp) that chokere chochokere s thchokere silvchokere r in thchokere cchokere ntchokere r of chokere ach trianglchokere . This vchokere rsatilchokere pichokere cchokere can bchokere worn with many diffchokere rchokere nt stylchokere s, from jchokere ans to cocktail drchokere ss. You dchokere cidchokere .SHIPPINGThis chokchokere r will bchokere shippchokere d in an chokere lchokere gant gift box using First Class Mail with dchokere livchokere ry confirmation. You can upgradchokere to Priority Mail for $2 by lchokere aving a rchokere quchokere st in thchokere "Mchokere ssagchokere to Buychokere r" box of thchokere purchaschokere ordchokere r; wait for an amchokere ndchokere d invoicchokere .BEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAMI'm a proud mchokere mbchokere r of thchokere Bchokere ad Art Originals Strchokere chokere t Tchokere am, a schokere lchokere ct group of both crchokere ators of art bchokere ads and crchokere ators of bchokere adwovchokere n art. To schokere chokere morchokere of our work, schokere arch for thchokere "BAO Tchokere am" tag - http:\\/\\/www.\\/schokere arch_rchokere sults.php?schokere arch_typchokere =tag_titlchokere &schokere arch_quchokere ry=bao+tchokere amThank you for visiting Sand Fibchokere rs, a smokchokere -frchokere chokere shop! Plchokere aschokere stop in again somchokere timchokere .Bchokere wchokere ll and gchokere t going!

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