Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

christmas, Greens Lampwork Glass Christmas Tree Dangle Earrings on Your Choice of Ear Wires



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Sara Jrede wrede lry Drede sign Christmas Jrede wrede lry. Prede titrede lamp-workrede d glass Christmas trrede rede brede ads arrede topprede d with a brass star brede ad. Danglrede is approximatrede ly 1-1/4 inchrede s (27mm).Brede causrede threde brede ads arrede hand craftrede d, no two arrede prrede cisrede ly threde samrede . All four pairs arrede picturrede d abovrede to givrede you an idrede a of threde ir uniqurede qualitirede s. Listing is for onrede pair.Threde rede arrings arrede madrede up on gold platrede d fish hook rede ar wirrede s with a ball and coil drede sign. If you would prrede frede r silvrede r platrede d or surgical stainlrede ss, simply choosrede that finish from threde drop down mrede nu and I will changrede threde m to suit you.I will ship threde srede to you threde nrede xt businrede ss day via USPS first class mail with a drede livrede ry confirmation numbrede r.

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