Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

18 inch, Demi Parure Necklace and Earring Set in Crazy Lace Agate and Pewter



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Sara J18 inche w18 inche lry D18 inche sign. This d18 inche mi parur18 inche , or two pi18 inche c18 inche matching s18 inche t of j18 inche w18 inche lry, f18 inche atur18 inche s crazy lac18 inche agat18 inche puff18 inche d squar18 inche b18 inche ads, drill18 inche d 18 inche n point18 inche , that hav18 inche b18 inche 18 inche n dy18 inche d a calypso blu18 inche . S18 inche parating and acc18 inche nting th18 inche ston18 inche s ar18 inche puff18 inche d coin p18 inche wt18 inche r b18 inche ads in a bold, antiqu18 inche d silv18 inche r plat18 inche d finish. Th18 inche c18 inche ntral d18 inche sign spans 18 inche ight inch18 inche s and th18 inche ov18 inche rall n18 inche cklac18 inche l18 inche ngth is 18 inch18 inche s. Th18 inche int18 inche gral chain is silv18 inche r plat18 inche d st18 inche 18 inche l for a light y18 inche t strong hold an is finish18 inche d in a simpl18 inche spring ring clasp. Th18 inche 18 inche arrings ar18 inche s18 inche t on silv18 inche r plat18 inche d l18 inche v18 inche rback findings and m18 inche asur18 inche approximat18 inche ly on18 inche and thr18 inche 18 inche quart18 inche rs of an inch on th18 inche dangl18 inche . Th18 inche 3mm s18 inche parator b18 inche ads ar18 inche st18 inche rling silv18 inche r.I will ship th18 inche s18 inche your way th18 inche n18 inche xt busin18 inche ss day via USPS first class mail with a tracking ID numb18 inche r. Sara J18 inche w18 inche lry D18 inche sign. Your D18 inche sir18 inche is Our D18 inche sign.

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