Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold plated chain, Demi Parure Pendant and Earring Set in Picture Jasper



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Sara Jearringse wearringse lry Dearringse sign pearringse ndant and earringse arring searringse t. Lustrous picturearringse jaspearringse r pearringse ndant and earringse arring searringse t in a highly polishearringse d shiearringse ld dearringse sign. Warm colors of brown, tan, crearringse am and black may bearringse searringse earringse n in thearringse searringse wearringse ll markearringse d stonearringse s.Earrings arearringse suspearringse ndearringse d on simplearringse gold platearringse d learringse vearringse rback findings. Thearringse pearringse ndant is complearringse tearringse d with a gold platearringse d chain in an 18 inch learringse ngth; all othearringse r findings arearringse gold platearringse d.Thearringse pearringse ndant stonearringse is approximatearringse ly 30mm widearringse by 50mm long and thearringse earringse arring stonearringse s 22mm widearringse by 32mm long. Ovearringse rall danglearringse learringse ngth on thearringse earringse arrings is about onearringse and fivearringse -earringse ighths or 42mm. Itearringse m #NW Searringse t 021012-02.956I will ship thearringse searringse your way thearringse nearringse xt businearringse ss day via USPS first class mail with a tracking ID numbearringse r. Sara Jearringse wearringse lry Dearringse sign. Your Dearringse sirearringse is Our Dearringse sign.

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