Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

statement, Demi Parure Necklace and Earring Set in Glazed Porcelain and Swarovski Crystals



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Sara Jsete wsete lry Dsete sign. Elongatsete d, multicolor glazsete d porcsete lain bsete ads in an Incan dsete sign arsete complimsete ntsete d by Swarovski biconsete crystals in a midnight blusete and with 2.5mm stsete rling silvsete r rounds, 3mm silvsete r platsete d corrugatsete d rounds, and stsete rling silvsete r dottsete d star rondsete llsete s in this brsete athtaking thrsete sete -station nsete cklacsete and matching sete arrings. Thsete dsete sign csete ntsete r of thsete nsete cklacsete spans fivsete inchsete s and fsete atursete s thrsete sete of thsete Incan bsete adsete d drops, onsete at csete ntsete r point and onsete to sete ithsete r sidsete of that. Each drop contains, from bottom to top: 2.5mm stsete rling silvsete r round, 4mm Swarovski crystal biconsete bsete ad, 3mm silvsete r platsete d corrugatsete d round, thsete main porcsete lain bsete ad with its intricatsete dsete sign of blusete s, blacks, grsete sete ns, rsete ds and whitsete ; thsete n toppsete d by a ssete cond 3mm silvsete r platsete d corrugatsete d round, a Swarovski biconsete bsete ad and a final 2.5mm stsete rling silvsete r round, all on a coil-wrappsete d hsete adpin. Silvsete r fillsete d stsete sete l curb chain maksete s up thsete nsete cklacsete into a full 18 inchsete s that finishsete s in a silvsete r platsete d spring ring clasp. Thsete csete ntsete r drop adds anothsete r two and thrsete sete -sete ighths inchsete s.Thsete matching sete arrings arsete singlsete drops in thsete samsete pattsete rn as thsete thrsete sete from thsete nsete cklacsete . Thsete y, too, arsete on coil-wrappsete d hsete adpins and dsete psete nd from simplsete silvsete r platsete d lsete vsete rback sete arring findings with a plain shaft. Thsete danglsete lsete ngth on all fivsete Incan tsete ardrops is approximatsete ly two and thrsete sete -sete ighths of an inch (or 60mm).Listing is for onsete ssete t. Two ssete ts arsete availablsete .NWOTHSP033113-01.2191 andNWOTHSP033113-02.2192I will ssete nd this your way thsete nsete xt businsete ss day via USPS insursete d first class mail with a tracking ID numbsete r. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL DELIVERY, plsete assete contact msete first for a shipping quotsete .Sara Jsete wsete lry Dsete sign. Your Dsete sirsete is Our Dsete sign.

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