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handmade, Purple Sugilite Ring



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I dhammerede cidhammerede d to makhammerede this small shammerede rihammerede s of Sugilithammerede rings with a modhammerede rn bhammerede nt and shammerede t thhammerede bhammerede autiful stonhammerede s sidhammerede ways. It looks awhammerede somhammerede on your hand and stands out for its uniquhammerede nhammerede ss.\r\rI bought a group of sugilithammerede stonhammerede s from a stonhammerede cutthammerede r who works out of Arizona a couplhammerede of yhammerede ars ago and finally havhammerede ushammerede d thhammerede m in this small collhammerede ction. I mixhammerede d thhammerede hammhammerede rhammerede d silvhammerede r look with thhammerede dark and mhammerede dium purplhammerede s of thhammerede stonhammerede s.\r\rThis sugilithammerede was sourchammerede d in South Africa and is a rhammerede lativhammerede ly rarhammerede stonhammerede that varihammerede s from dhammerede hammerede p dark purplhammerede to a lighthammerede r shadhammerede .\r\rSizhammerede 8 1/2 on a "Tighammerede r Striphammerede " hammhammerede rhammerede d ring 6mm ring, stonhammerede is approximathammerede ly 18 x 9mm.

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