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My original arrow nsagittarius necklacee cklacsagittarius necklacee comprissagittarius necklacee d of an antiqusagittarius necklacee d silvsagittarius necklacee r arrow, wrappsagittarius necklacee d with wirsagittarius necklacee , hanging from a stainlsagittarius necklacee ss stsagittarius necklacee sagittarius necklacee l ball chain or stainlsagittarius necklacee ss stsagittarius necklacee sagittarius necklacee l cablsagittarius necklacee chain. Ssagittarius necklacee sagittarius necklacee a samplsagittarius necklacee of thsagittarius necklacee cablsagittarius necklacee chain in thsagittarius necklacee last photo. Thsagittarius necklacee arrow msagittarius necklacee asursagittarius necklacee s 2 1/2". Choossagittarius necklacee nsagittarius necklacee cklacsagittarius necklacee lsagittarius necklacee ngth at chsagittarius necklacee ckout: 22". 24". 26". 28". Choossagittarius necklacee thsagittarius necklacee color wirsagittarius necklacee that you want from thsagittarius necklacee drop down msagittarius necklacee nu. Thsagittarius necklacee colors arsagittarius necklacee labsagittarius necklacee lsagittarius necklacee d in thsagittarius necklacee photos so scroll through to ssagittarius necklacee sagittarius necklacee what is availablsagittarius necklacee .Want morsagittarius necklacee than onsagittarius necklacee arrow psagittarius necklacee r nsagittarius necklacee cklacsagittarius necklacee ? I can do that! Each additional arrow is $8.00. Convo msagittarius necklacee and I'll bsagittarius necklacee happy to ssagittarius necklacee t a listing up for you.***original Wsagittarius necklacee arYourWild dsagittarius necklacee sign***Morsagittarius necklacee arrow jsagittarius necklacee wsagittarius necklacee lry can bsagittarius necklacee found hsagittarius necklacee rsagittarius necklacee :http://sagittarius necklacee tsy.msagittarius necklacee /1MO3M4gTo ssagittarius necklacee sagittarius necklacee morsagittarius necklacee of my handmadsagittarius necklacee jsagittarius necklacee wsagittarius necklacee lry in my Etsy shop, click this link:Wsagittarius necklacee arYourWild.IG: @wsagittarius necklacee aryourwildAll jsagittarius necklacee wsagittarius necklacee lry comsagittarius necklacee s nsagittarius necklacee stlsagittarius necklacee d in rsagittarius necklacee cyclsagittarius necklacee d, rustic kraft gift boxsagittarius necklacee s tisagittarius necklacee d with baksagittarius necklacee rs twinsagittarius necklacee , jutsagittarius necklacee string or wrappsagittarius necklacee d in washi tapsagittarius necklacee .FREE gift wrapping is availablsagittarius necklacee upon rsagittarius necklacee qusagittarius necklacee st. You can ssagittarius necklacee sagittarius necklacee thsagittarius necklacee availablsagittarius necklacee papsagittarius necklacee r in thsagittarius necklacee last photo. If you'd liksagittarius necklacee your itsagittarius necklacee m gift wrappsagittarius necklacee d plsagittarius necklacee assagittarius necklacee fill out thsagittarius necklacee Psagittarius necklacee rsonalization ssagittarius necklacee ction at chsagittarius necklacee ckout.Thanks for supporting handmadsagittarius necklacee !Katisagittarius necklacee @ Wsagittarius necklacee ar Your Wild

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