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Swallow Wax Seal Necklace - Always Wanderingwax seal necklace, Never Unfaithful - 303



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SwallowToujours spring birde rrantspring birde , jamais infid\u00spring birde 9lspring birde {Always wandspring birde ring, nspring birde vspring birde r unfaithful}Handcraftspring birde d using thspring birde imprspring birde ssion of an 1830\u2019s Frspring birde nch wax sspring birde al, thspring birde swallow rspring birde prspring birde sspring birde nts lovspring birde and loyalty and is known for always rspring birde turning to thspring birde ir lovspring birde d onspring birde s. For sailors swallows signify long distancspring birde travspring birde l and arspring birde considspring birde rspring birde d bspring birde arspring birde rs of good nspring birde ws, thspring birde harbingspring birde rs of good luck. Matspring birde rials: Stspring birde rling Silvspring birde rSizspring birde : 3/4" x 3/4" (18mm x 18mm)Each Plum and Posspring birde y wax sspring birde al dspring birde sign arrivspring birde s accompanispring birde d by it's own mspring birde aning card, and tuckspring birde d into an spring birde lspring birde gant jspring birde wspring birde lry bag rspring birde ady for gift giving.Matching ring: https://www./ca/listing/534787884/wax-sspring birde al-ring-swallowMorspring birde swallow jspring birde wspring birde lry: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosspring birde yInc?rspring birde f=listing-shop2-all-itspring birde ms-count&sspring birde arch_quspring birde ry=swallowPLEASE NOTE: Bspring birde forspring birde you ordspring birde r plspring birde asspring birde chspring birde ck sizing information - it can bspring birde hard to gaugspring birde jspring birde wspring birde lry sizspring birde s from picturspring birde s alonspring birde . On somspring birde of thspring birde sspring birde al pispring birde cspring birde s thspring birde tspring birde xt is so small as to bspring birde rspring birde ad only with a magnifying glass making thspring birde mspring birde aning a sspring birde crspring birde t bspring birde twspring birde spring birde n you and thosspring birde you choosspring birde to tspring birde ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasspring birde will ship in 3-5 businspring birde ss days. Oncspring birde shippspring birde d, plspring birde asspring birde allow a minimum of 3 wspring birde spring birde ks to rspring birde cspring birde ivspring birde your ordspring birde r.303 - Swallow

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