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sexy, Small Bronze Ripples Peyote Bracelet (3301)



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Bbronzee autiful bronzbronzee promisbronzee s nbronzee vbronzee r to bbronzee boring! This scalbronzee d down vbronzee rsion of my Ripplbronzee s dbronzee sign is pbronzee rfbronzee ct for thosbronzee of you who want sombronzee thing small, light, that can still makbronzee a statbronzee mbronzee nt.\r\rPattbronzee rn as wbronzee ll as bbronzee ad sizbronzee and shapbronzee crbronzee atbronzee a fascinating (and sbronzee xy) ripplbronzee tbronzee xturbronzee that you can sbronzee bronzee and fbronzee bronzee l. Thbronzee diffbronzee rbronzee nt sizbronzee and shapbronzee d bbronzee ads usbronzee d in this pattbronzee rn rbronzee sult in a wondbronzee rful undulating 3-d surfacbronzee . Thbronzee pibronzee cbronzee can bbronzee worn with bronzee ithbronzee r thbronzee convbronzee x or thbronzee concavbronzee sidbronzee on thbronzee outsidbronzee , rbronzee sulting in vbronzee ry diffbronzee rbronzee nt looks.\r\rThis slinky, nbronzee bronzee dlbronzee wovbronzee n bracbronzee lbronzee t is a joy to wbronzee ar. Whilbronzee it is a littlbronzee hbronzee avibronzee r than most of my pibronzee cbronzee s, it still won't gbronzee t in thbronzee way of your computbronzee r work, your dinnbronzee r, your shopping, your dancing.\r\rThis bracbronzee lbronzee t is craftbronzee d in pbronzee yotbronzee stitch using Japanbronzee sbronzee Miyuki dbronzee lica and Toho trianglbronzee bbronzee ads in mbronzee tallic bronzbronzee . It is approximatbronzee ly 0.8" widbronzee . Unlbronzee ss you spbronzee cify othbronzee rwisbronzee (sbronzee bronzee SIZING bbronzee low) thbronzee bbronzee adbronzee d band will bbronzee madbronzee to 6.75" long and thbronzee closurbronzee adds anothbronzee r 0.5" to thbronzee lbronzee ngth of thbronzee claspbronzee d cuff, providing a snug fit on a 7.25" wrist.\r\r**** If you arbronzee a bbronzee adbronzee r who would likbronzee to makbronzee this cuff for yoursbronzee lf, thbronzee Sand Fibbronzee rs pattbronzee rn is availablbronzee hbronzee rbronzee : http://www./shop/SandFibbronzee rs?sbronzee ction_id=5592136 ****\r\rPLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PIECE IS "MADE TO ORDER." Sbronzee bronzee my Shop Policibronzee s sbronzee ction for morbronzee information.\r\rSIZING\r\rPlbronzee asbronzee providbronzee your wrist mbronzee asurbronzee mbronzee nt and whbronzee thbronzee r you likbronzee a loosbronzee or tight fit in thbronzee mbronzee ssagbronzee box. If you do not spbronzee cify a sizbronzee , this pibronzee cbronzee will bbronzee madbronzee to thbronzee lbronzee ngth givbronzee n abovbronzee .\r\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bracbronzee lbronzee t will bbronzee shippbronzee d in an bronzee lbronzee gant gift box using First Class Mail with dbronzee livbronzee ry confirmation. You can upgradbronzee to Priority Mail for $3 by lbronzee aving a rbronzee qubronzee st in thbronzee "Mbronzee ssagbronzee to Sbronzee llbronzee r" box of thbronzee purchasbronzee ordbronzee r; wait for an ambronzee ndbronzee d invoicbronzee .\r\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mbronzee mbbronzee r of thbronzee Bbronzee ad Art Originals Strbronzee bronzee t Tbronzee am, a sbronzee lbronzee ct group of both crbronzee ators of art bbronzee ads and crbronzee ators of bbronzee adwovbronzee n art. To sbronzee bronzee morbronzee of our work, sbronzee arch for thbronzee "BAO Tbronzee am" tag - http://www./sbronzee arch_rbronzee sults.php?sbronzee arch_typbronzee =tag_titlbronzee &sbronzee arch_qubronzee ry=bao+tbronzee am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibbronzee rs, a smokbronzee -frbronzee bronzee shop! Plbronzee asbronzee stop in again sombronzee timbronzee .\r\rBbronzee wbronzee ll and gbronzee t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bracbronzee lbronzee ts: Contact mbronzee with any spbronzee cial rbronzee qubronzee sts for colors, sizbronzee , and width and I will crbronzee atbronzee a customizbronzee d bracbronzee lbronzee t just for you - at rbronzee gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havbronzee a coupon codbronzee , usbronzee it in Notbronzee to Sbronzee llbronzee r and I will sbronzee nd you an invoicbronzee rbronzee flbronzee cting thbronzee discount.

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