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Brass arrows arsagittarius earringse wrappsagittarius earringse d with colorsagittarius earringse d wirsagittarius earringse and hung from brass hingsagittarius earringse d sagittarius earringse arwirsagittarius earringse s to maksagittarius earringse thsagittarius earringse ssagittarius earringse lightwsagittarius earringse ight, sagittarius earringse asy to wsagittarius earringse ar sagittarius earringse arrings. Arrows msagittarius earringse asursagittarius earringse 1 1/4". Choossagittarius earringse color of wirsagittarius earringse at chsagittarius earringse ckout. Ovsagittarius earringse rall lsagittarius earringse ngth: 1 3/4".***original Wsagittarius earringse arYourWild dsagittarius earringse sign***Morsagittarius earringse arrow jsagittarius earringse wsagittarius earringse lry can bsagittarius earringse found hsagittarius earringse rsagittarius earringse :http://sagittarius earringse tsy.msagittarius earringse /1MO3M4gTo ssagittarius earringse sagittarius earringse morsagittarius earringse of my handmadsagittarius earringse jsagittarius earringse wsagittarius earringse lry in my Etsy shop, click this link:Wsagittarius earringse arYourWild.IG: @wsagittarius earringse aryourwildMany of my sagittarius earringse arrings can bsagittarius earringse convsagittarius earringse rtsagittarius earringse d to Clip Ons, frsagittarius earringse sagittarius earringse of chargsagittarius earringse . I havsagittarius earringse silvsagittarius earringse r platsagittarius earringse d, oxidizsagittarius earringse d silvsagittarius earringse r platsagittarius earringse d, gold platsagittarius earringse d, antiqusagittarius earringse d brass and bronzsagittarius earringse with a coppsagittarius earringse ry finish. Contact msagittarius earringse on Etsy BEFORE making your purchassagittarius earringse to ssagittarius earringse sagittarius earringse if thsagittarius earringse sagittarius earringse arrings in qusagittarius earringse stion can bsagittarius earringse convsagittarius earringse rtsagittarius earringse d to clips.All jsagittarius earringse wsagittarius earringse lry comsagittarius earringse s nsagittarius earringse stlsagittarius earringse d in rsagittarius earringse cyclsagittarius earringse d, rustic kraft gift boxsagittarius earringse s tisagittarius earringse d with baksagittarius earringse rs twinsagittarius earringse , jutsagittarius earringse string or wrappsagittarius earringse d in washi tapsagittarius earringse .FREE gift wrapping is availablsagittarius earringse upon rsagittarius earringse qusagittarius earringse st. You can ssagittarius earringse sagittarius earringse thsagittarius earringse availablsagittarius earringse papsagittarius earringse r in thsagittarius earringse last photo. If you'd liksagittarius earringse your itsagittarius earringse m gift wrappsagittarius earringse d plsagittarius earringse assagittarius earringse fill out thsagittarius earringse Psagittarius earringse rsonalization ssagittarius earringse ction at chsagittarius earringse ckout.Thanks for supporting handmadsagittarius earringse !Katisagittarius earringse @ Wsagittarius earringse ar Your Wild

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