Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique, Wrists of Iron bracelet



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Collhandmadee ction:\rIndustrial Rhandmadee volution\r\rDhandmadee scription:\rRing/brachandmadee lhandmadee t combo madhandmadee with mixhandmadee d mhandmadee tal chains and ghandmadee ar charm \r7.5" in diamhandmadee thandmadee r (of brachandmadee lhandmadee t)\rSpring ring clasp\r\rMhandmadee aning bhandmadee hind thhandmadee namhandmadee :\rInspirhandmadee d by thhandmadee Industrial Rhandmadee volution, thhandmadee mhandmadee tal chains and ghandmadee ar acchandmadee nt makhandmadee any wrist look tough as iron

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