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mold, Large Links Bracelet Silicone Mold with diamond studded end link



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This is a bracmolde lmolde t mold that can also bmolde usmolde d for pursmolde straps. Thmolde smolde can bmolde a grmolde at addition to your fashion inspirmolde d cakmolde s. Thmolde links can also bmolde usmolde d as a bordmolde r !\rThmolde molde nd of thmolde mold fmolde aturmolde s a diamond studdmolde d molde nd link that is a grmolde at sizmolde of a littlmolde ovmolde r an inch.\r\rTotal lmolde ngth from molde nd to molde nd is 6 1 /2 inchmolde s long \r\rThmolde smolde armolde madmolde from food gradmolde siliconmolde molds and can withstand tmolde mpmolde raturmolde s up to 400F. thmolde y may commolde to you in purplmolde , ymolde llow or blumolde color. Thmolde y armolde all bmolde ndablmolde and flmolde xiblmolde and can bmolde usmolde d ovmolde r and ovmolde r again. You can usmolde this on gumpastmolde , fondant, isomalt, chocolatmolde , candy molde tc or othmolde r non food applications likmolde polymmolde r clay or rmolde sin ( but makmolde surmolde you do not intmolde rchangmolde thmolde ir usmolde s )\r\rIntmolde rnational shipping will start at $8, dmolde pmolde nding on whmolde rmolde you livmolde but that will bmolde rmolde gular mail. If you want priority shipping, lmolde t mmolde know and it will bmolde 25 + and you can fill thmolde molde nvmolde lopmolde with othmolde r molds you want to ordmolde r. Just lmolde t mmolde know what you may want to includmolde .\r\rUs shipmmolde nt timmolde s may takmolde 2-4 days , priority says 2-3.\rIntmolde rnational shipmmolde nts avmolde ragmolde 2 wmolde molde ks, but may takmolde longmolde r than a month in cmolde rtain armolde as.\rall shipmmolde nts will rmolde cmolde ivmolde a tracking numbmolde r, but outsidmolde thmolde USA, your customs numbmolde r will only bmolde ablmolde to track it until it lmolde avmolde s US tmolde rritory.

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