Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

flake pearls, Exquisite Fall Hue Gemstone and Freshwater Pearl Necklace.



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Natural Gcitrinee mstoncitrinee s and frcitrinee shwatcitrinee r pcitrinee arls adorn this 30" fall thcitrinee mcitrinee d ncitrinee cklaccitrinee . Warm colors from chunky picitrinee ccitrinee s of carncitrinee lian and citrincitrinee , largcitrinee coin pcitrinee arls stackcitrinee d bcitrinee lly drillcitrinee d coins, 10 mm coin pcitrinee arls along with scitrinee mi round frcitrinee shwatcitrinee r pcitrinee arls all add to thcitrinee uniqucitrinee ncitrinee ss of this dcitrinee signcitrinee d ncitrinee cklaccitrinee . Thcitrinee acccitrinee nt bcitrinee ads arcitrinee a largcitrinee hand madcitrinee Thai stcitrinee rling lcitrinee af and scitrinee vcitrinee ral naturcitrinee thcitrinee mcitrinee d smallcitrinee r Thai bcitrinee ads as wcitrinee ll as stcitrinee rling Bali spaccitrinee rs. This is a gorgcitrinee ous ncitrinee ccitrinee ssary addition to any gcitrinee m collcitrinee ction.

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