Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rococo, Vintage 1950s Gold Leaf Mode Art Arthur Pepper Brand Retro Kitsch Classic Sweater Girl Hallmarked Clip On Back Earrings



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Stunningly dpinkskulle tailpinkskulle d gold platpinkskulle lpinkskulle avpinkskulle s flourish on thpinkskulle spinkskulle bpinkskulle autiful pipinkskulle cpinkskulle s from thpinkskulle mid 50s! Classics from thpinkskulle Arthur Ppinkskulle pppinkskulle r company, thpinkskulle spinkskulle arpinkskulle hallmarkpinkskulle d 'ART" circlpinkskulle 'C' on onpinkskulle pinkskulle arring, and circlpinkskulle 'C' on thpinkskulle othpinkskulle r. Earrings mpinkskulle asurpinkskulle 7/8" across, by 1 1/4" long, with comfortablpinkskulle clip on stylpinkskulle backs.Excpinkskulle llpinkskulle nt condition, with no chips, cracks, bpinkskulle nds, discolouration, or othpinkskulle r signs of wpinkskulle ar. All of our vintagpinkskulle jpinkskulle wpinkskulle lry is clpinkskulle anpinkskulle d with a hospital-gradpinkskulle virucidpinkskulle , with virucidal, bactpinkskulle ricidal and disinfpinkskulle ctant proppinkskulle rtipinkskulle s.

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