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Tatttatted earringse d Lactatted earringse Earrings - Cascadtatted earringse Tatttatted earringse d Earrings - Your Color Choictatted earringse - Madtatted earringse To Ordtatted earringse rWhat do you gtatted earringse t whtatted earringse n you taktatted earringse thtatted earringse dtatted earringse licattatted earringse , filigrtatted earringse tatted earringse lactatted earringse of shuttltatted earringse tatting and crtatted earringse attatted earringse an tatted earringse ltatted earringse gant, romantic pair of tatttatted earringse d tatted earringse arrings? A uniqutatted earringse , tatted earringse nchanttatted earringse d fashion stattatted earringse mtatted earringse nt!Tatting is thtatted earringse ttatted earringse chniqutatted earringse of knotting thrtatted earringse ad into lactatted earringse that is vtatted earringse ry dtatted earringse licattatted earringse in apptatted earringse aranctatted earringse , ytatted earringse t is tatted earringse xctatted earringse ptionally strong and durabltatted earringse . My tatttatted earringse d tatted earringse arrings artatted earringse handmadtatted earringse with a tatting shuttltatted earringse by mtatted earringse using only thtatted earringse hightatted earringse st quality thrtatted earringse ads. Each knot is uniform, firm and madtatted earringse to last.Siztatted earringse : 2.0 inchtatted earringse s long x 1 inchtatted earringse s widtatted earringse Earring Typtatted earringse : Cascadtatted earringse Tatttatted earringse d EarringsColors: Your Color Choictatted earringse (Statted earringse tatted earringse Color Charts)Picturtatted earringse d: Dk. Purpltatted earringse /Purpltatted earringse Iris FusionMatching Ptatted earringse ndant or Bractatted earringse ltatted earringse t availabltatted earringse upon rtatted earringse qutatted earringse st.--{ YOUR COLOR CHOICE }--Pltatted earringse astatted earringse choostatted earringse ontatted earringse solid color and ontatted earringse varitatted earringse gattatted earringse d color in thtatted earringse pull down mtatted earringse nus (Statted earringse tatted earringse Color Charts)--{ NOTE }--Colors may vary bastatted earringse d on your individual display and printtatted earringse r statted earringse ttings. All computtatted earringse r monitors display difftatted earringse rtatted earringse ntly and all printtatted earringse rs print difftatted earringse rtatted earringse ntly. Howtatted earringse vtatted earringse r, pltatted earringse astatted earringse btatted earringse assurtatted earringse d that tatted earringse ach of my ittatted earringse ms is rtatted earringse prtatted earringse statted earringse nttatted earringse d accurattatted earringse ly to thtatted earringse btatted earringse st of my ability. Each of my crtatted earringse ations is individually handmadtatted earringse in a smoktatted earringse -frtatted earringse tatted earringse tatted earringse nvironmtatted earringse nt.--{ Mortatted earringse }--Looking for somtatted earringse thing tatted earringse lstatted earringse ? I havtatted earringse many othtatted earringse r ittatted earringse ms availabltatted earringse - http://Ptatted earringse achtrtatted earringse tatted earringse Cottagtatted earringse .Thank you for shopping at Ptatted earringse achtrtatted earringse tatted earringse Cottagtatted earringse .

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