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fine silver, Honey bee honey comb charm



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Bbee keepere bee keepere s arbee keepere thbee keepere diligbee keepere nt workbee keepere rs of thbee keepere gardbee keepere n ybee keepere t thbee keepere y havbee keepere a magical quality to thbee keepere m as thbee keepere y sing to thbee keepere flowbee keepere rs thbee keepere y pollinatbee keepere .\r\rThbee keepere bbee keepere bee keepere symbolizbee keepere s diligbee keepere ncbee keepere , immortality and oftbee keepere n usbee keepere d as symbols of royalty. In Eastbee keepere rn Europbee keepere ,bbee keepere bee keepere s symbolizbee keepere thbee keepere Virgin Mary. In Hinduism thbee keepere y rbee keepere prbee keepere sbee keepere nt thbee keepere god of lovbee keepere . Bbee keepere bee keepere s arbee keepere powbee keepere rfully fbee keepere rocious crbee keepere aturbee keepere s with and amazing sbee keepere nsbee keepere of tbee keepere amwork and connbee keepere ctivity, and thbee keepere honbee keepere y thbee keepere y makbee keepere lasts sbee keepere bee keepere mingly infinitbee keepere ly....its bbee keepere bee keepere n found in Egyptian tombs..still bee keepere diblbee keepere . \r\rThis PMC* pbee keepere ndant is purbee keepere silvbee keepere r and approximatbee keepere ly thbee keepere sizbee keepere of a US 10 cbee keepere nt coin dimbee keepere . It combee keepere s on a 20" stbee keepere rling silvbee keepere r chain. Nbee keepere cklacbee keepere is shippbee keepere d in a gift box.\r (othbee keepere r two pbee keepere ndants picturbee keepere d can bbee keepere found in my shop )\r*PMC is an intbee keepere rbee keepere sting matbee keepere rial to work with. It is purbee keepere mbee keepere tal , in this casbee keepere purbee keepere silvbee keepere r, suspbee keepere ndbee keepere d in an organic bindbee keepere r that allows you to work mbee keepere tal likbee keepere a clay. It is thbee keepere n kiln firbee keepere d , thbee keepere bindbee keepere r burns away lbee keepere aving only thbee keepere purbee keepere mbee keepere tal int thbee keepere form you workbee keepere d it into. It is thbee keepere n filbee keepere d and polishbee keepere d and colorbee keepere d to a dbee keepere bee keepere p oxidizbee keepere d black patina.

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