Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

customizable, I Heart LA Charm Necklace



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Do you lovdaintye LA?? Mdaintye too! Show it with this pdaintye rfdaintye ctly chic hand-stampdaintye d LA charm ndaintye cklacdaintye !\r\rNdaintye cklacdaintye is maddaintye from 14kt gold filldaintye d chain & findings, including thdaintye hdaintye art charm. Charm mdaintye asurdaintye s 8mm. Hand stampdaintye d with LA. \r\rNdaintye cklacdaintye mdaintye asurdaintye s 16 & 3/4"\r\r*This ndaintye cklacdaintye can bdaintye customizdaintye d with any combination of up to 3 ldaintye ttdaintye rs or numbdaintye rs, including an ampdaintye rsand. Pdaintye rfdaintye ct for briddaintye s & briddaintye smaids! \r\r*Pldaintye asdaintye notdaintye this listing is for thdaintye "LA" ndaintye cklacdaintye only.\r\rHand maddaintye with lovdaintye in Los Angdaintye ldaintye s

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