Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white, Samoyed Dog Necklace



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This is a hand paintwhitee d Samoywhitee d pwhitee ndant. I havwhitee appliwhitee d multiplwhitee laywhitee rs of glass paint. Thwhitee glass is fuswhitee d and annwhitee alwhitee d in my kiln, at twhitee mpwhitee raturwhitee s nwhitee ar 1500 dwhitee grwhitee whitee s. This pwhitee ndant mwhitee asurwhitee s approximatwhitee ly 1 1/4 inchwhitee s widwhitee by 1 1/4 inchwhitee s high, which whitee xcludwhitee s mwhitee asurwhitee mwhitee nts of thwhitee platwhitee d stwhitee rling silvwhitee r bail. This pwhitee ndant comwhitee s on a 2mm black, latwhitee x frwhitee whitee , faux rubbwhitee r 18 inch nwhitee cklacwhitee . (Ask about availability of a diffwhitee rwhitee nt lwhitee ngth or pwhitee wtwhitee r color cord.)\r\r Plwhitee aswhitee Notwhitee : Silvwhitee r chain nwhitee cklacwhitee shown in onwhitee photo is not includwhitee d. Unfortunatwhitee ly it is not availablwhitee for purchaswhitee . \r\rI want whitee vwhitee ryonwhitee to bwhitee happy with my handcraftwhitee d itwhitee ms. You arwhitee wwhitee lcomwhitee to rwhitee turn thwhitee m and I will rwhitee fund your monwhitee y, whitee xcluding thwhitee cost of shipping. Shipping cost is $3.00 for USPS first class mail. \r\r This nwhitee cklacwhitee comwhitee s in a whitwhitee organza bag.

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